Trip Planner was the first to introduce Chitral Kalash Tour to its local and foreigner tourist. With Tour to Kalash Valley and Chitral, we will cover all the quarters of Chitral district. Plan a trip with our Budget Pakistan Tour Packages of Northern Areas and for Honeymoon Packages Pakistan. Chitral Valley falls on the north side of Khyber Phatunkhawn in the Chitral Pakistan.

The landscape of Chitral Valley is much mysterious. With its steep harsh mountains, lush green valleys, beautiful meadows and big glaciers. It is rated as one of the most difficult and inaccessible areas of the world.

The Reasons Why We Love Pakistan Tour?

Yes, we all people of Pakistan do love our Country Pakistan. Pakistan is full of natural beauty. Pakistan is the most attracted place of tourists as because People of Pakistan welcomes all the Tourists from all over the world. People just love Pakistan Tour just to see the real beauty with their own eyes.

But for the easiness of our prestigious tourists, we are here to provide you the supreme services in all parts of Chital District.

Tirich Mir (Chitral) – Enjoy Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering

Most noteworthy is the Tirich Mir peak that is almost 7708m. The view of this immense peak can see no matter what part you are staying in the valley. Moreover, it is the highest peak in all Hindu Kush Mountain Range.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Adventure Tours Pakistan

Above all, whole Chitral Valley is a hub of:

Paragliding is the most favorite adventure in Chitral Tour.

Best Chitral Places to Visit once in your life

Some of the most visited and Beautiful Attractions in Chitral are:

How Valley of Chitral is Linked Geographically?

Additionally, Chitral is an important district. As it shares the border with two major countries. Moreover, geographically Chitral is bordered with Gilgit Baltistan, Swat, China, and Afghanistan. Each corner is connected with an amazing region of Asia.

Promoting Chitral Tourism with the Chitral Kalash History

Chitral Tourism is swiftly growing. It has more of historical background than its beautiful natural landscapes. As some of particular part of Chitral, certainly residuary of the Greek mythology which is formally known as Kalash ValleyKhawar language is commonly used for communication while Urdu and English also conversed with some of the local men.

If you have not been to Chitral then plan your Trip to Chitral now.

Some Festivals of Kalash Valley

Also, Kalash Valley as its Joshi festival is on its way that is celebrated in late May. Other two Kalash Festivals Uchau and Chaumus celebrated in autumn and midwinter respectively. Furthermore, Chitral Mela was also known as Jashn e Chitral usually celebrated in mid-October.

How the Weather of Chitral Valley Fluctuates?

Chitral Weather also plays a pivotal role in capturing tourist. It remains mostly pleasant weather even in harsh summer in the south.

Pakistan Tour and Travel Offers the following as Trip to Chitral

Tour to Chitral also features:

Some insights about Nagar Fort Chitral

Nagar Fort Chitral holds a strong historical significance along with the other “Chitral Fort”, “Mastuj Fort” and “Drasan Fort”. Nagar Fort is preferable for the tourist as it surrounds with swirling river from three sides. A majestic view while exploring the stories of history.

Road Condition of Chitral

The Road to Chitral from Islamabad is in very good condition and can access through AH1/M-1 and N-45 in almost 10 hours’ drive. Moreover Chitral to Hunza distance cover in an 11 hours drive.

Tourist love to visit the two different regions that hold majestic culture and history.

Chitral Flight Operations

Additionally, Chitral flight operations conducted by Pakistan International Airlines on a daily basis. Which covers the distance in 25 minutes.

Enjoy the Chitral Kalash Tour of (6 Days / 5 Nights)

Furthermore, Chitral Kalash Tour comprises of 06 Days and 05 Nights. We will stay in Chitral City with all luxurious services.

Tour To Chitral Kalash Valley Plan: 

Kalash Chitral Trip Package Includes:

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