Trip Planner is offering the Top Visited place as the most Trending Fairy Meadows Pakistan Tour Package as most selling Tours of Pakistan. Fairy Meadows is in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Many Couples loves to visit this as it is on Top list of Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan.

The house of the world’s ninth tallest mountain and the second in Pakistan Nanga ParbatFairy Meadows is getting fame in a tourist community.

Located at the core of magnificent a north Pakistan, falls in the district Diamer of Gilgit Baltistan. The richly green plateau is one of the best places for camping in Pakistan.

List of Fairy Meadows Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages Offered by Tripplanner:

Fairy Meadows Pakistan

Fairy Meadows Pakistan is named by an Australian climber “Hermann Buhl” in 1953, because of its bewitching beauty. He was the first to mount the Nanga Parbat.

The Fairy Meadows have since long been an electrifying destination for the followings:

Fairy Meadows Tour Packages 2019

Pakistan Tour Travel is offering a wide range of Fairy meadows Tour Packages 2019 that cover enormous location within Gilgit Baltistan and also base camping at fairy meadows.

Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages

Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages are paramount by Pakistan Tour Travel. All of the tourist whether local or foreigner choose us for excellent service and effective rates.

Holiday Package Fairy Meadows

Holiday Packages Fairy Meadows differ in different ways. The number of days, the place to visit, and much more.

Fairy Meadows Trip

Fairy Meadows Trip is an excellent tour to have once in a lifetime. The land seems like a bouquet of rare flora in between the killer mountains of Nanga Parbat. The gigantic mountain gives an amazing backdrop for the Fairy Meadows Base Camp.

Fairy Meadows Hunza

The tourist love to take a Trip to Fairy Meadows Hunza as it captures two major regions of Gilgit Baltistan. Both of them known for its enchanting scenic beauty along with the numerous rare flora and fauna. Our Fairy Meadows Hunza is composed of (8 days / 7 nights) in which we cover all the major and minor spot of Hunza and other neighboring areas.

Nanga Parbat and Fairy Meadows

Nanga Parbat and Fairy Meadows make a unique blend of nature and thrill. The steep cliffs of Nanga Parbat and the richly green plateau of Fairy Meadows is a tourist paradise. Because of high altitude, the weather is cold in summer and very harsh in winter. But each weather has its own uniqueness.

Fairy Meadows Trip Cost

Fairy Meadow Trip Cost is effective for everyone. Whether it’s a group tour or honeymoon tour. Each trip cost is comparatively low in all Tour Operator of Fairy Meadows.

Fairy Meadows Pakistan Weather

Each weather has its own uniqueness. The winter is harsh in fairy meadows because of the high plateau in the same way the summer is very pleasant here. Additionally, the spring brings a blend of color that never seen in another season with the roaring river. The crimson color of leaves in spring has its own charm.

Time to visit Fairy Meadows Pakistan

Best time to visit fairy meadows Pakistan is from April to the end of September. Some of the tourists believe that June July August is the best for the base camp in fairy meadows. Additionally, the place becomes unapproachable in winter due to heavy snowfall.

Routes for Fairy Meadows

There are three different Routes for Fairy Meadows that can easily accessible from the capital of Islamabad. If you are planning a trip to Lahore to Fairy Meadows or Karachi to Fairy Meadows then you have to take a flight from Islamabad to Fairy Meadows.

The question arises here is how?

There is daily two flight operation from Islamabad to main Gilgit city. Or a straight drive to Chilas is almost in 11 hours. From there onwards via silk route up to Raikot Bridge that is approximately 76 km away from Gilgit. Afterward 1.5 hours a jeep ride to the village Tatto and then 3 Hours Trek to Fairy Meadows.

Fairy Meadows at Night

It can be rightly said that Fairy Meadow is a heaven on earth. Lush green meadows in between the mighty creation of Almighty. Fairy Meadows at Night has an eye-catching view as one can witness thousands of star/ galaxy right above your head.

Fairy Meadows Distance from Islamabad

Fairy Meadows Distance from Islamabad is almost 540 kilometers that is accessible via different routes.  Travelers should not worry more about the steep cliffs as the road is in good condition.

Fairy Meadows Trek

Fairy Meadows Trek is accessible through two different valleysKaghan Valley or Gilgit. In addition, trekking towards the Nanga Parbat, the treks are encircled with the gushing streams of cold water. The streams formed by the Raikot glaciers. Tourists love to stay at the camping site spread over two acres, well-known as ‘Raikot Serai’.

List of Hotels in Fairy Meadows Pakistan

There are many hotels that serve their services for the tourist who doesn’t want to stay in camp.

Here is the list of hotels in fairy meadows Pakistan:

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